Oonk Infra Caribbean

OONK Inframanagement has moved to the Caribbean in August of 2018 and will continue it’s operations under the name of OONK Infra Caribbean. The company is headed by engineer Michel Oonk, who is specialized in managing projects in the playing field of contractors, clients, consultancy firms and private parties in civil engineering. With great enthusiasm, dedication and commitment, I want to ensure that these projects are managed and executed with the required quality, without delays and within budget.

OONK Infra Caribbean works closely together with Civil Engineering Caribbean (CEC), a renowned and high quality engineering company in the Caribbean. 

Personally, I am very motivated to work in good cooperation with local parties and islanders on a better sustainable infrastructure for the inhabitants of the Caribbean. I will do this through an honest and professional approach and with respect for each other's interests.

In addition to this business drive, I hope to have a wonderful time in Bonaire with my family. With a lot of curiousity about what lies ahead, we approach this adventure with confidence and optimism.